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Woolen crochet craft

Handmade in Montenegro

Znuggle creates beautiful objects entirely handmade from wool spinning to crocheting via natural dyes, and provides economical activities to women in Montenegro while entertaining & educating adults and kids on ecosystems and circular economy.

WE DYE with fruits & vegetables

We collect onion peels, aronia berries and dried pomegranates to dye ourselves our wool. This gives to our products beautiful colors and a natural appearance. Our Color Magician had lots of fun and surprises experimenting with numerous vegetables and berries and we are proud to share them with you today.


That is really what Znuggle is about. Creating work opportunities in the Northern part of Montenegro, where unemployment rate is very high. During the summer season, many families live in wooden huts in the mountains with their sheep flock and Znuggle provides them with additional economical activities with fair wages.

entirely made by hand

That is what makes our products truly unique: we harvest, wash, spin, dye and crochet our products entirely by hand from the sheep to your Znuggle. It is a very long process and that is what gives our products their uniqueness and make them so special to everyone who owns them.

MADE WITH virgin wool

Znuggle products are made from 100% quality wool harvested every spring from local sheep. Because working with wool requires lots of effort, most people throw it away, or worse: burn it. We collect this wool to create our products. We carefully wash it by hand several times before we spin the yarn and stuff the products with it.


Raising awareness on the importance of protecting our ecosystems is another mission of Znuggle. Through a series of books, Znuggle will educate kids from 3 to 12 years old in an entertaining way on Circular Economy, the Zero Waste movement and the value of the services our ecosystems provide us, so they can learn how to preserve them better for future generations.

Don’t miss our special OFFER for the launch of Znuggle!

Order today with the code LUCKY33 to get 33% discount.

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