Our Vision

Our world is changing faster than ever, leading  to the loss of our traditions, and to the destruction of our environment. But we believe we can rethink the way we do things.

Znuggle is a living example that you can create beautiful and authentic products, embracing fully the circular economy and the traditional way of doing thing. We are getting communities back together. And creating value without any impact on our Earth.

That is the story Znuggle is telling through the objects and books we lovingly make for you.

And you can become part of it.

How it all started ...

Znuggle was conceived many years ago. When Alexandra was volunteering with VSO in Vietnam, she saw so many handcrafters working under minimum wages and often in poor conditions, and she knew by then that she would start one day a Fair Trade enterprise. Fast forward a few years later, Alexandra started working with households in rural areas of Montenegro through her ecotourism company, and the day she saw women doing crochet with acrylic wool in their homes, struggling to sale their crafts, Alexandra decided to start Znuggle. She learned how to crochet, dye wool and started recruiting motivated ladies to set up Znuggle together.


“I wanted it to embrace all the values I strongly believe in: showing it is possible to create beautiful and unique products made of discarded material, raising awareness in an entertaining way about protecting our nature, but most importantly I wanted Znuggle to create employment opportunities to women who need to support their families in a vulnerable region of Europe. Znuggle is a social enterprise, so the profits we generate are re-invested to create more work opportunities and to fund social and environmental programs.”