We are currently working on the creation of a first story book for kids from 9 to 12 to raise their awareness on the protection of our natural ecosystems and the circular economy, and where the Znuggle’s handcrafted soft toys will be the characters of the book.


The author, Zarko Vucinic (1972) is forestry engineer born in Belgrade, was spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Montenegro (2000-2005).


His first children book NGO “Dormouse George’s World of Wonders” was published in 2016. The second book “Dormouse George’s and Ghosts of Trifters” was awarded as the best children’s book in 2017 by the Montenegrin Association of Children and Youth Writers nominated for the regional award (for the Balkans region) “Little Prince”. The trilogy received the award of the Best children’s book in the category of innovative educational practice of the Book Festival of Kotor in 2018. George the dormouse will soon be part of our collection! Our first book will feature the adventures of a little girl named Tara, which will also soon be par of our collection.


Zarko has developed the concept “Nature, Children, Imagination (NCI) – Learning with Dormouse George” aims to bring back children to the nature by promotion of active socializing and encouraging their creativity. So far, more than 3,000 kids from Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have attended the educational workshops.

The illustrator Ivana Vujosevic has already illustrated Zarko’s first book and has a special talent to bring characters to live in a very artistic way.


We will soon launch a crowdfunding campaign to publish the first 2000 copies in English and Montenegrin. Are you interested? Let us know!