Book “Tara and the Magic Tree”


The book „Tara and the Magic Tree“ was awarded as the best children’s book in 2019 by the Montenegrin Association of Children and Youth Writers.

Tara and the Magic Tree is an eco-tale about fighting for a cleaner planet, which teaches us the basics of the concept of “Zero Waste”.

The story is an imaginative work intertwined with the exciting adventures of unusual inhabitants of the Stoboj Mountains, which prompt us to think: “Are we cutting the branch we are sitting on?”
In order not to fall into the abyss full of plastic and garbage, there is Tara – a powerful eco-warrior, Timothy – a curious boy, and a prophetic gentleman named Immanade, a guardian of miraculous wool, a purple-eyed woman, a donkey Maga – a carrot juice taster and a frog who knows only one a word, but even that is enough for him to share advice and scare the miscreants.


This hardcover version of the book is already available on pre-order. The first 100 copies will be signed individually by the Author. This English version will be available late November/early December 2019.

There will be only 1000 copies available for the first print so pre-order today!

Discount prices for order above 10 copies, please send your request through our contact form.


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“A Girl Tara and the Magic Tree” is a modern ecological fairy tale about the struggle of young generations in saving Planet Earth. Eleven-year-old Tara with her parents moves from city to a village, in a house where her grandfather has lived, on the slopes of the beautiful Rainbow Mountains. Very soon she realized that the whole area is in danger, and that her grandfather left a riddle that will help her to unleash incredible power – to see the sadness of the nature!

By linking the legends of the magic tree, the woman with purple eyes, the unicorn ram and the guardians of the magic wool, Tara unlocks the door of secrets and uncovers the subtle plan of the potentates from the Town of Char that destroy the environment. The boy Timothy, a donkey – Magical Maga, forest animals and the unusual gentleman Hope helped her in that endeavor.

The story of a girl Tara is an educational story about the amazing power of love and the importance of respecting and preserving the green and blue spaces of our only home.Through its powerful story, this book will plant the seed of environmental awareness in everyone who reads it.

Additional information


English version.
Translated from Montenegrin.

Eco paper & inks

The book is printed on FSC Certified paper, recycled and unbleached – and is printed with eco-inks.

Hard cover

50 pages


For children from 6 to 12 years old


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