Your Znuggle is made of virgin wool, spun and crochet by hand, and colored with natural fruits and vegetables. What makes it a unique and delicate object, requires from you to take good care of it in order to preserve its beautiful and and natural aspect. Here are some care instructions to preserve your Znuggle in the best possible conditions.

The best is to wash your Znuggle as little as possible. If needed, always wash your Znuggle by hand: preferably clean it superficially by stroking it very gently using a sponge with lukewarm water and a drop of transparent dish-washing product. If your Znuggle requires a bigger cleanup, prepare a bath of lukewarm water (maximum 30 degrees) with a drop of transparent dish-washing product, soak it in it gently for 5 minutes, squeeze it very delicately, then rinse it in a bath of lukewarm water. Squeeze it gently in a dry cotton clothes, put it back into shape, and let it dry on a radiator (heater) or outside in the warmth (avoid leaving it for too long in the direct sun).

As the wool is colored with natural elements, some of its colors might slightly fade away under the effect of time and light (sun or moon). For this reason, we recommend to avoid leaving your Znuggle in plain sun or moon light.

Small rodents (like mice) or insects (like moths) might be attracted to wool: make sure not to leave your Znuggle in a forgotten corner of your house!