Hello. My name is Marica, and I live in a small village called Dapsiće, in the northern part of Montenegro. I am a mother of 7 girls, my husband and I don’t have currently a job, so all the income that we get is from the work we do on our land where we do cattle breeding and farming.

In my free time, I’ve always loved to do crocheting. I was making some small animals for family and friends’kids (mostly with acrylic wool I would buy in a shop) but never got any income from it. Last year, I met Alexandra through the Regional Development Agency that put us in contact, they had been working with her for several years, through the great work she is doing in our region developing ecotourism, so they highly recommended her to me. I started working in her social enterprise Znuggle, which objective is to help women of the northern Montenegro, because finding work in our region is really difficult. By working there, we get paid for every soft toy we make and every kilo of wool we wash, spin or dye. I am really satisfied and happy, because I can earn extra money for my household. I would like to thank Alexandra for her help and opportunity for the women to show talent outside of their hometowns, and help them supporting their families with it!