My name is Bisa, I am from the Northern part of Montenegro. Six months per year, I live in in my “katun”, it is a simple wooden hut high up in the mountains where I care of my sheep flock and sells the fresh cheese I produce everyday.  During my free time, I used to crochet some of the wool of my sheep to make socks for the winter.

Wool crocheting is a tradition for women that live in my region. However, I never had an idea how I could use my skills to make a living. Ideas are always there, but it always seem difficult to implement them. Here we only have access to the local marketplace once a week to sell our products, which is very limited. One day I was approached by Alexandra with her idea of crocheting soft toys, and making them with wool dyed with plants.

Znuggle is for me a unique chance to use my skills and turn a hobby into a well needed additional income! Thanks to Znuggle I can now earn more every month, and pay for basic household needs and the education of my children.