Magara the Donkey is a stubborn little animal that loves kids’ company. It can equally decorate a baby room or be hugged by a little one. The white, brown and grey colors used to make Magara are natural wool color. Magara comes with an orange shirt made of natural white wool dyed with white onion peels by our color magician.

All Znuggle objects are fully handmade in Montenegro - watch how they are made and discover how we color our wool! The name of the maker of your Znuggle is written by hand on its label. Znuggle crochet patterns are created by renowned crochet designers and customized by our team.

Wool has multiple benefits for the health. And the natural dyes we use are totally safe and nontoxic. They are also fugitive, meaning that they will fade slightly and beautifully with time and sunlight. Unlike chemical dyes, natural dyes do look charming when faded. They will give your Znuggle an even more unique character.

Each item comes in a cotton bag made to be used as produce bag to shop plastic-bag free your vegetables and fruits at the (super)market. Znuggle supports the international @BreakFreeFromPlastic movement.

Your Znuggle is shipped directly from Montenegro, here is the approximate duration before it reaches its destination:

- 3-5 working days to neighboring countries
- 5-10 working days to EU countries
- 7-14 working days to USA and Canada
- 7-20 working days to the rest of the world (2-5 working days for DHL shipping)


Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 35 × 13.5 × 10 cm


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