Welcome to the Znuggle Ambassadorship Program!

When I started Znuggle, I wanted it to embrace all the values I strongly believe in: showing it is possible to create beautiful and unique products made of discarded material, and by doing so, I wanted Znuggle to create employment opportunitiesfor rural women in a vulnerable region of Europe. I also wanted it to be preserving the ancient traditions and ways of living in Montenegro, and finally, to contribute to educating kids about protecting our nature

Znuggle is set up as a social enterprise, so some of our profits are immediately re-invested to employ more rural women and 5% of our profits are donated to social or environmental NGO’s such as Zero Waste Montenegro.Those who discover our brand are immediately seduced by what we are creating, how we do it, and most importantly: why we are doing it. I am very happy that Znuggle is doing it all today. Now, it is time to scale up to be able to support more rural women, and educate more kids: so that is where you come in! 🙂 Join our Ambassadorship program today and start making an impact – Alexandra.

How the Ambassadorship program works?


1 – You talk about Znuggle™ ‘s mission, philosophy and products to your friends, acquaintances or followers

2 – You contribute to create more Fair Trade employment to empower rural women in a vulnerable area of Europe

3 – You contribute to the education of more kids on ecosystems protection, the Circular economy and Zero Waste principles

4 – You receive 10% of the sales made through your recommendations (via this program)

5 – You always receive 10% discount on all your purchases* on Znuggle website and sometimes free shipping as well!


* not redeemable with other offers


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