• How can I wash my Znuggle?

We created special care instructions to make sure your Znuggle stays with you in good shape!


  • What is the structure of Znuggle?

Znuggle is set up as a social enterprise through our partner NGO Zero Waste Montenegro so the profits we generate are fully re-invested to to fund community environmental programs in Montenegro. Znuggle also collaborates with the Regional Development Agency of the North of Montenegro who sees it as an example in the region. Yearly financial reports can be obtained on request.


  • Are Znuggle safe for babies?

All Znuggle are made with 100% wool, nothing else is added to them such as detachable eyes, only the tree has a base made of a circle of wood for stability. Wool is also safe for babies, actually it is even good for adults and babies! We also wash it several times with hot water to remove any particules of lanoline (see below). Read more in this section: health benefits of wool. It is safe to chew on them, but like with every soft toys being chewed for too long, it might get slightly damaged.


  • What if I am allergic to wool?

We wash the wool several times with hot water to remove any particules of lanoline (which is the natural oil to which certain persons can be allergic to, and not the wool itself). So you should not be allergic to our products. In exceptional case of allergy though, please consult your general practitioner.


  • What makes Znuggle’s different form the competition?

We use wool, not acryl fibers or cotton. We dye our wool ourselves by hand. With onion peels, aronia berries and dried pomegranates. We spin our wool ourselves. We give work to women who can really benefit from additional economical activities – and we pay them fairly. We are child-labor free, slave free, toxic product-free, and we educate consumers on the protection of the environment. We think that makes us pretty special already! 🙂


  • Will natural colors fade away with time?

The natural dyes we use are totally safe and nontoxic. They are also fugitive, meaning that they will fade slightly and beautifully with time and sunlight. Unlike chemical dyes, natural dyes do look charming when faded. They will give your Znuggle an even more unique character.


  • Where is the money going when I buy a Znuggle?

There is an immense amount of work put into your Znuggle! They are unique pieces of artwork, that you can collect. Watch our video to see all the steps from harvesting the wool to the finished product. We estimate we spend  up to 12 hours of work for each single Znuggle. Women working for Znuggle are paid a fair wage in accordance to Montenegro living standards. Add to that the packaging, labels, taxes, administration fees – the profit on each Znuggle is fairly low. Furthermore, Znuggle is a social enterprise, so the profits we generate are fully re-invested to fund environmental programs in Montenegro through our partner NGO Zero Waste Montenegro.


  • What to do with my Znuggle when I am done with it?

Though we wish you will cherish your Znuggle for the rest of your life, should you want to dispose of it, we recommend you to bring it to a charity to give it a second-hand life. You can also send it back to us so we can reuse the wool for stuffing new Znuggle’s, or put it in the compost bin in your garden or the one made available to you by your municipality.


  •  How soft is the wool of the Znuggle’s?
  • The wool we use comes from several breeds present in Montenegro. We carefully select the softest wool’s to make your Znuggle. As we wash it numerous time and also color it, it soften the wool even more. The wool remains a little rough which is a stimulating texture for babies.


  • How can I promote Znuggle products to people I know?

We highly recommend you to join our Ambassador program that will give you additional benefits.


  • How are Znuggle packaged?

All our products come in a box made of recycled cardboard by a local factory in Podgorica. The package also come with a 30 cm x 30 cm cotton bag (made in Montenegro by our team) that has been specially designed to be re-used as a produce bag, so you can use it to carry your vegetables and fruits at the supermarket instead of using single-use plastic bags. Znuggle supports the international #breakfreefromplastic movement.